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Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
Can someone re-do my team, please? I forgot to disclude NFEs and it would be nice if I could have it like Snores.

Name: Pave Low
Game: White
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: 1 Pokemon from each gen, with the 6th Pokemon being from Unova. No NFEs and legendaries please. :3
You had only 1 NFE pokemon in the first team pick and that one was a trade to evolve pokemon.

If you really want to start again here is a new team:

Originally Posted by SNOR(es)LAX View Post

I guess, I will post my updates.
  • Stated New Game
  • Called myself Snoreee cos why not?
  • Named my rival Fatass, cos thats what I call my real life rival.
  • Went to meet Bianca with Fatass.
  • Chose Snivy as my starter cos I guess needed a cut slave. Name him Calefare as well, which means extra in my local slang. Got my Pokedex as wellB
  • Won Fatass's Tepig. Earned $500 in the process as well as seeing him lose!
  • Hacked the 5 Pokemon.

The Nicknames, if you're interested.

Chomp the Bellsprout and soon to be Victreebel.
Reasons: Victreebel chomps thing right?
Panzer the Skarmory
Reason: Its German name is Panzaeron, which comes from the word Panzer, which means armor (i google translate'd it)
Bossun the Aron.
Reason:Aagron's Japanese name is Bossgodora and the SKET Dance anime character has the name Bossun, so I just called it Bossun.
Magnemite the Magnemite.
Reason: Can't find a suitable nickname.
Monozu the Deino
Reason: I like its japanese name, Sazandora, thats why its going to have Japanese names all the way.
I call my Magnemite Marmite :L
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