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Originally Posted by SolusX View Post
I must say, impressive progression with this program. Your work has been incredible. The GUI is amazing, it's easy to learn to use for the most part, it's clean and convenient. I'd marry it if I could. However I am having some slight issues and I'm hoping you could provide some insight as to whether it's something wrong on my end, or a potential bug.

Not sure if it's a problem with the application and unsure how far along Team Fail has come along in solving it but when maps are imported the textures are severely distorted

I also receive an error if I click on the wild pokemon editor, which is:
Thanks for your support. That error you sent seems a problem in the Wild Pokémon Editor, and apparently it's caused by a Pokémon with an invalid level number. The tool has a level number limit set to 100, and if it finds something incorrect, it throws an error. Never force a level higher than 100 by hex, because the game won't know how to handle it and neither will SDSME. In case you haven't touched that file before, which game is it? And which Wild Pokémon file did you select?
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