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Sorry for the sudden drop off the face of the Earth, but I had some "gatherings" to attend. Anyway, Happy New Years to everyone and I hope everyone had some fun and eased into the new year well.

Moving on to business!

@Retro Bug: I am going to go ahead and accept you as you made all the changes. Good SU and welcome abroad.

@Miss Doronjo: I like the SU and you are accepted as far as I am concerned, however I have to review it with Supervegeta to make it official. I do not foresee any issues with it, however.

@Everyone: While I need Supervegeta to update the OP in this thread, I do believe with the recent number of SUs that following Miss Doronjo the mercenaries will be full, but the Knights have one spot open as I believe their total is at 6 (including Supervegeta's and my SUs). I could be wrong since I fail at math and only got 4 hours of sleep *shot*.

So any prospective knights should go ahead and finish up their SUs so the manly Supervegeta and I can review the SUs. I do believe we will start shortly though. So get excited!

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