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And now for my final update of my entire Grass monotype challenge. After my last update I went and got a few TM's from the other side of Unova (such as Energy Ball, Psychic, and Thunderbolt) to teach to my team members to make them more versatile for the upcoming challenge. Once I got my move sets figured out I spent the majority of the day Audino grinding my entire team to level 77, which in hindsight may have been overkill for the E4, but it did come in handy against the Champion. I then flew to the Elite 4 and saved my game before the final small leg in my challenge. I took on the Elite 4 in the same order as last time: Marshall, Grimsley, Caitlin, then Shauntaul. I barley survived my fight against Marshall, but the battles did become increasingly easier. Once I defeated all of them I went on to take on the Champion, Alder. He was difficult. It took a few tries and some good luck to finally defeat him. Because of all of his Bugs and their effectiveness against me I relied on luck to get through him. I used Ferrothorn and Gyro Ball to get rid of Accelgor, but Volcarona gave me a run for my money. Once I took down Volcarona using a majority of my team, I was able to defeat Druddigon with slightly more ease. Next I easily took out Bouffalant and Vanilluxe with Sawsbuck, who was one of my final team members standing. To defeat Escavalier I had to rely on comstantly reviving Sawsbuck, Ferrothorn, and Leavanny and inflicting damage with Sawsbuck's Jump Kick and Ferrothorn's ability. Escavalier finally fell many revives later from the damage inflicted by Ferrothorn's Iron Barbs. And that was it. This long challenge, which I started in early August, ended. Here is my final team:

Serperior / Lv78 / Leaf Blade, Strength, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power (Ice)
Leavanny / Lv79 / X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab
Whimsicott / Lv78 / Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Hurricane
Sawsbuck / Lv78 / Jump Kick, Faint Attack, Horn Leech, Megahorn
Ferrothorn / Lv78 / Power Whip, Thunderbolt, Gyro Ball, Bulldoze

For this final leg of the challenge I decided to name Sawsbuck MVP for its versatility. However, Ferrothorn came in a very close second and Whimsicott and Leavanny in a close tie for third. I felt that all of my team performed very well except for Serperior, whose stats don't really match any play style that I like to use.

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Type: Grass
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