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Fusion200's Adventure Time! Parallel meetings is accepted!
I will accept this because it meets the basic standards but please keep an eye on your sentence and paragraph structure. And spacing.

PinkSapphire's Pokemon MMO is declined.
Um... the sign up is definitely way, WAY too personal. In a forum like this, you cannot ask people for personal information like this. Also, I'm still deciding on the similarities between this and Red's Monster Art Online and if it's too similar but in the mean time, please change that sign-up. I can assure you every single person is going to feel very uncomfortable giving personal information such as a first, middle and last name as well as real birthdate.

zid_sen's Pokemon Stars Family is declined.
I don't... think I understand this plot very well. Is... there even a plot? All you have is a setting. Would you be able to include why this place exists or the purpose of it? XD

Skymin's CLOUD v6.66 is accepted!
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