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Quote originally posted by VERGUNDAI:
It works fine on the latest Desmume, I've played the entire rom without any crashes or errors.
Quote originally posted by BXisAWOL:
Hey guys I'm just getting into Pokemulation and I'm trying to play Soul Silver but I heard it was bugged unless you have a patch. Can anyone give me more info on this? Or just how to play it correctly and what emulator to use?
Quote originally posted by Nate VonGrimm:
It's not bugged. It's full of pirate checks which causes the game to crash due to being emulated. The patch simply freezes these pirate checks so that it doesn't cause any crashes.
As far as I know, you have to use No$GBA for the patch to work.
If it works for DeSmuME, Can someone confirm this please?
Thanks VERGUNDAI for the confirmation.

BXisAWOL, You can use either No$GBA or DeSmuME with a patched Soul Silver.
You should be able to find the patch through Google.
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