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Quote originally posted by bulbasaurlover:
Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are excelent but lavander town sucks White 2 and Black 2 have horrible music their graphics are tacky aand I actualy BURNED mine

My eyes!!! Lol j/k
You never heard Blue's Theme? Cynthia's Theme? Raimon City? Oh my goodness the music was simply amazing in that game, very well orchestrated. As for the OP I have to disagree with you entirely. The new generation is in fact increasing strategies that we can not have in the Gen 1 games. (EG; Double Battle, Umbreon using curse and another Pokemon using Psych Up), Although I am not a fan of triple battles, I still think it's cool that they came up with that idea and in fact very well implemented in the game. Like the prev poster had stated

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:

Pokemon didn't get ruined, it got better and it will always continue to introduce new mechanics.

We be tryna catch em all!
Because inside each of our Pokeballs'
Lies great potential, for us to evolve
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