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2nd Update-

1-Finally went on my way from Accumla Town after defeating N, we moved onto Route 2

2-Again I wondered what Pokemon I would find, a Wild Mismagius (m), *gasp* I used Migthyena to help me lower it down took a few Poke'balls, I almost ran out got me down to my last Poke'ball, luckily we caught it, welcome to the team Chiggy.

3-Continued on toward Striation City, taking out some trainers...I seen the city Bastra and I look on ward, we herd a familar voice call my name, it was Bianca who came zooming out of the woods almost running me over, she wanted to see how much stronger I have gotten.

4-Battled Bianca, lost Bastra to her Tepig's Rollout...Sylvanas took her down; I had won but not soon enough, I was sad no longer with Bastra, moved onto Straiton city and store him away..trained up some more on Route 2, went to the trainer school battled Cheren then went to Dreamyard tok out the trainers and met the girl who handed me a Pansear whome I named Gabbei


Sylvanas the Mightyena (f)
Meet: Route 1
Level 15

Chiggy the Mismagius (m)
Level: 16
Meet: Route 2

Gabbei the Pansear (f)
Level 15
Meet: Dreamyard Gift



Bastra the Oshawott (m)
Level 5-12
KO: Crited by Tepig's Rollout on Route 2

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