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Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
Thanks for changing the topic Avishka, did you ask Checkers if you could? Anyways even if you didn't I'll let it pass since that was overdue xD If anyone wants to change the topic, contact me or Checkers and we'll most likely allow it, sometimes no since otherwise, there'd be no reason for some of the prizes.
Also, off-topic (and I'll bug you wherever I find you xD) ADMIT IT!
k i'll ask her or u next time

Originally Posted by Tackle View Post
Oh also, I decided to make this. =)

HTML Code:
Well Checkers you should fix the first post, change my name (Gerokunz) to Tackle. =)
Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post

HTML Code:
nice userbar guys!~

btw welcome to the club CreamyChoco!!

What are your New Year resolutions? And do you think you can keep them?
i don't keep resolution bcuz i cannot keep them xD and this is really off topic guys
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