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Oh, a chat thread huh?
Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
ermahgerd I've wanted one of these for ages. I played Final Fantasy 3 last night for the last time since I returned it to the original owner today, so I uploaded the gameplay to YouTube after recording it with a capture card. Apparently there's a content match on the video to something copyright, so nobody can view it ;___;
Oh man been a while since I first tried FF3. It was the DS version, and let me tell you this...

I hated it. But to be fair I used cheats just to breeze through without trouble because I didn't want to grind, so maybe that's why. That, or the DS remake is flat out bad. I played IV before it on DS (which I heard was the best. and no I didn't use cheats on this one.) as well, loved it but couldn't beat the final boss, then tried again on December 2009 (I remember clearly) with a guide this time so I don't miss augments which made everything waaay easier.

That's basically all my experience with anything Final Fantasy. I did play that Chocobo game but I forgot everything about it.

While on topic about Far Cry uncle had it on PS3 so he let me play a bit, because I was actually considering buying it at the start of the month, but opted for Paper Mario instead. Frankly, I was glad with that decision. I'm not a fan of first person shooters anymore, and I hate open world games. (inFamous 2 is the only recent open world game that I enjoyed, but I didn't really bother to explore with except for grinding experience.)
I was not a fan of the controls as well. Blame Halo for this, but I felt like I was controlling a tank. If I buy this game though, I'll make sure to buy it on PC or 360, because the PS3 controller is awful for FPS imo. At least, compared to the 360 controller.

In other news, been playing Elite Beat Agents. Damn, what a game. Might beat Rhythm Heaven and/or Mario Kart DS as my favorite DS game. I think the DS is the best system of all time imo, and I can't believe I missed tons of amazing games on it just for Pokemon and Mario. I'm only halfway through Hotel Dusk and still got DK: Jungle Climber to play.

Oh yeah, if you have a 3DS, buy Donkey Kong 94 on Virtual Console. Can't say it has the Wario Land games beat (you should buy them too), but I'm probably biased. It's the original Donkey Kong game perfected. Can't wait for Super Mario Bros 3 to release outside of Japan. Been on a virtual console/PS1 classics mood lately. (I started with the PS1 so I'm catching up to games I never played.)

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