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Originally Posted by Lockdown View Post
This complicated for me.
They have good and bad things.

  • Improved Graphics
  • New Pokemon
  • New Battle systems
  • Great music
  • New Pokemon
  • 3d world
  • TO good battle graphics (Ill explain later)
  • New Battle systems
  • triple battles (again, ill explain myself)
  • Short story

Now, to explain some things.
TO good battle graphics. Well, when you use Thunder, the camera goes and looks at the sky, then comes back down. It does that kind of stuff with other moves to, it just gets on my nerves and makes me dizzy.
Triple Battles: CONFUSING!!!!
3d world: Makes me dizzy, good for cinematic effect, but really annoying.
New Pokemon: Just about 200 MORE new things to get used to. WOOPTYFREAKINGGODDANGDOO!!!!!!!!!

Thats how I feel about the 5th gen.
I don't get why you listed "New Pokémon" as a good thing and a bad thing.

Also, why is "New Pokémon" a bad thing at all? I find it hard to believe that you would have preferred for all Pokémon but the first 151 to never exist and play all games with the original Pokémon. If you don't like some Pokémon then that isn't a valid argument in my opinion. It's all a matter of taste really, and in my opinion the designs have been getting better and better. Go and compare a Voltorb (living Pokéball) to for example Bronzong and Bronzong will probably come out as a much better design. Much more thought has probably been invested in Bronzong's design than in Voltorb's. While the Pokémon of the first generation are simple, I can't say the designs are great. A common argument against Gen V's Pokémon are how uninspired they are. I have to disagree with that statement as Gen I's clearly aren't that creative either; A mouse? A pidgeon? A turtle? A snake? Sure, Kanto had it's fantastic Pokémon ( *cough* Gyarados *cough* ) but the majority isn't that creative in my opinion. You may not like all new Pokémon, but the same goes for the old ones.

New battle systems are pretty important I think, it adds more variety to a game that has practically been the same for 15 years. It'd get a little bit boring otherwise, don't you think?

You can disable the move animations if you don't like them for as far as I know. They aren't that bad in my opinion though, I think they look great.

The short story point is the worst argument I have ever read. I don't know if you've actually played B(2)W(2) but these games had the most in-depth, longest and most original stories I have ever seen in a Pokémon game. I honestly don't know why you think the story was short.

Long post was long. xD
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