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Your definitely not the only one.

I miss Misty too. She was absent for longest not being showed since 2006. Im curious to, see some update, what new pokemon she got, how much she improved and changed, did she came any closer toward water master dream etc.

I miss her adventurous, spunky personality which always managed to add life to group dynamics and now that she is more mature and stronger as trainer would open room to take interactions between characters to new level. I also feel she had untapped potential left with writers not developing her as much as they could leaving several things about her goal, story, ambitions unexplored and unfinished.

It would be interesting to see her going on journey to advance goal of water master for example,partaking in competitions which would push her forward(like Whirl Cup was), create rivalry with new characters, develop new battling style and dealing with obstacles which would be put in front of her. Or we could see her going on journey trying to become Lorelei or Wallace apprentice eventually becoming E4, which would be logical step forward in her career of becoming best water trainer.

I know its pipe dream at this point but i feel she had potential to grow more and if return to main cast isn't possible i would like to see her at least for arc worth of 10 to 15 episodes after so much time deserving some recognition as character. She was vital asset of pokemon series and history influencing greatly Ash growth as character, paved way for future female protagonists, helped build anime popularity and left big impact on audience with big demand for return even after so many years adding to that not deserving to end up abandoned and forgotten.

Originally Posted by dbp View Post
During Johto, Misty really seemed to exist to be Togepi's caretaker, and the puller of Brock's ear.
I watched whole Johto 3 months ago and Misty actually received much more development, battling screen time and focus than she did in Kanto. I can say she still had enjoyable personality there too having fun interactions with Ash, Brock and many other characters like Sakura, Egan or Andreas. Her friendship with Ash and Brock grew significantly too with reactions in Gotta Catch Ya Later saying everything, not being anymore that impulsive girl which just wanted bike back viewing them as "new family". Interacting with Ash in that region was of more lighthearted nature teasing him and getting annoyed in more friendly way(though sometimes she was still ready to bite head of) as well helping Brock about problems like romance issues. One of examples comes from "Heartbreak of Brock" being annoyed of not doing first step forward in approaching Temaku.

I suppose sheer length of Johto and many fillers didn't made it seemed that way, but she definitely had most spotlight in there. Especially during Master Quest when Whirl Islands started.

@BinaryPeaches: I can understand what your saying, however this can be viewed from other end of spectrum as well. If Misty did stayed who knows what things her presence could have brought to series missing out on something without even being aware of. For example who knows in what way Hoenn would be written if Misty stayed, what kind of rivals and events would be created than? How would Team Magma plot who wanted to eradicate water types be written if aspiring water trainer was present in cast at that time? We could had two girls in main cast if she stayed and May joined allowing writers to explore dynamic to whole new level by having two girls in cast.

We could have seen writers breaking new grounds about Misty water master career building up on what was present in Whirl Cup. Such as chain of water based competitions through which we could learn more about this unexplained goal. Introducing water races, tournaments, underwater battles(this concept was very little explored)etc are few out of several directions through which they could give Misty focus and water as most common and versatile type out there provides wide assortment to choose from.

Yes bringing new characters adds certain freshness to anime, but by doing mix bringing older characters for certain periods of time you can provide novelty to anime which only established characters can bring since they already have background, history and all predispositions to be taken to new level. Such as build up on their personalities changing more as persons, evolution of friendship between them and Ash character. taking their story to exciting and undiscovered direction doing build up on their goals and careers, and one advantage they have over new one is that excitement and hype they bring about themselves when given continuation.

p.s.If this question was asked 5 or even 3 years ago 90% of answers would be yes, but judging by current replies it seems tooth of time took its toll with long absence making fans stop caring for one of best characters pokemon had in my opinion.

But people definitely still miss Misty a lot with number being measured in thousands judging by comments i see on tumblr, youtube, deviantart, serebii and many other sites.
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