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I love the new look and feel of these games. I especially the fight menu and bag and start menus. The red and Black color scheme and the neon of the start menu just clash well together and look really cool. Aesthetically these games look better than Black and White. As Jellicent mentioned the details in them, for example the trucks in Flocessy Town, blows me away. Particularly, I think Virbank City is my favorite new city so far. The Complex is a fun place to train cause of the pipe you walk on. The reflection in the water at night looks amazing and every little detail is what makes these games look so great.

Didn't know you could customize your C-Gear so much. I really like this cause 1) they're way better customization than BW and 2) I picked Rosa in Black2 and that's my main game (cause I like her design better than Nate's, picked Nate in White2 though.) and so I had to get the pink C-Gear. Honestly I think that pink is horrendous and hate having to look at it on my bottom screen all the time . So I'm glad I can customize it more cause now my C-Gear has blue and gold rings and looks much better.
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