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Hey, salman - welcome to PokeCommunity! Based on your avatar, are you a fan of the Black 2/White 2 protagonist, Nate? I think he's pretty cool too, really - much better than the protagonist in Black and White! Riolu is also one of my favorite Pokemon, and Tepig was my favorite starter of the Fifth Generation. Pretty cool choice of avatar overall, really! Props to you.

So, as for hacking... If you're looking for a place to do things with your hack, the Emulation forum is your best bet. There are quite a few subforums, including the Toolbox forum where you can collect resources and tools to aid you in the completion of your hack, and the Progressing Hacks/Hacks Showcase forums where you can showcase your either currently in-progress hacks in the former or your completed hacks in the latter! All of the forums are resourceful and the members are equally so as well as helpful so don't be hesitant to hit it with your full force!

If it's game development (such as original, unique games) that you're into, as I can't quite tell what you prefer more - both, maybe? - you should check out the appropriately named Game Development forum! It is very similar to Emulation and holds subforums where your game(s) can be showcased and you can gather tools necessary for the completion of not-yet-finished games. Check them all out, if you can!

Once more, welcome to PC - enjoy your stay! :D
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