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Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
So they're either going to come up with one completely new game to meet the 5 game cycle, two remakes to make it 6 or just jump to Gen VI leaving it with just 4 games.

With compatibility though, you've got to remember that the 3DS is becoming increasingly popular as the DS becomes less popular, the 3DS has no GBA dual slot thus making it impossible to migrate from Gen 3 to Gen 4/5. It was the same case with GSC once they moved onto the DS.
It's not really the same, but it is similar. You see there is a way to get all the pokemon onto gen 5 , yes your right that if your using the 3ds there is no way. But think the people who bought DP had a DS with a gba slot since it was standard back then. And BW came out before the 3ds so the people who bought it had either a DS , DS lite or DSI. So it's not like a DS with a gba slot is a extremely rare thing to have especially since its only been 3 years since its been standard.

Now take account of rbygsc where you couldn't even transfer your pokemon to ruby or sapphire .
So with gen 3 even tho it took a lot of work you can still transfer all needed pokemon to gen 5 ( I have 2 completed pokedex's.
But with gen 1 and 2 the pokemon could not expand further