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- I always try to keep the items in my bag well organized(health increasing items, then the different type revives, healing items, etc)

- For some reason, the amount I buy at a time seems to vary by a ratio(ex: I like to have a certain amount of revives in comparison to potions and usually never let the former catch up/even come close to the latter) and I honestly don't know why. I think it has something to do with how much I use each compared to the other.

- I almost always try to have a full team earlier on(I'm not a fan of being too overleveled when I could have had multiples on my team just as good), especially if I know I have access to the Poke(s) I want in my team. Sometimes that even results me looking for that Poke for some time before I move further in the game if it's one of those with a low appearance rate.

- In relation to that last one, I always try to keep my whole team at the same level, if possible.

- When I go into a gym or other place of specific types, I save the Pokes who are strong against the area for last(ex: If I go into an electric gym, I'll use my other Pokes, even ones who are weak against the type first). I think I've made that a habit to be best prepared for the 'boss'.

- Each box is dedicated to a certain type(if it has two types I move it to the box type that has less pokemon at the time) with the legendaries getting their own box
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