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Have you ever had more than one eeveelutions in your team?

More than one? For sure! When I had Crystal for the first time, I made a entire team of Eevee! I had one Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Flaeron and Vapoeron. And a Blissey to help my team... I remember that I had one Eevee in Red version which is level 100. And I tried to beat the league with it and my team. Yeah, the power isn't a rule for a nice team for me.
And I'm trying to make a good team of Eeveelution on Black2 and Soul Silver. (Like the way to be followed by all the Eeveelution xD)
So yeah, my max was the max amount of Pokémon you can hold in a team, so 6 Eeveelution (Espeon, Glaceon Leafeon, Umbreon, Vapoeron and Jolteon!)