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Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
-Gamefreak & Nintendo are not stupid, they know that a R/S/E remake is in high demand and will make a ton of money for both of them.
You are guessing things here. No they are not stupid, yes a pokemon game will make tons of money. How demanded RS remakes are is the deciding guesswork. I seriously doubt they'd sell better than whatever else they choose to do. In fact Id argue that even another remake of RBY would sell more than RS (which would be absurd, right?).

The actual question here is more whether remakes make sense from a technical point of view.
Do they? Absolutely not. You cannot analyse games without taking the hardware into consideration.
One does not simply start on a new handheld with remakes, especially when the changeover is overdue as is the case now with 3DS being over 2 years old at this moment, let alone when new games come out.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
The idea of a remake of arguably the best Pokemon games to ever be released will pull old fans back into the Pokemon series just as HG/SS did for many others, especially after some veterans of the series were turned off by the B/W series the return of Hoenn will be great!
Whether they were the best is entirely subjective. And if they were, there would be less of a need to remake them, since there wouldn't be as much improvement to the experience as there was in FRLGHGSS.

I assume you are talking from your personal experience. However, Ive been playing since the beginning and I was not let down the slightest bit by BW2, and actually think gamefreak tried improving and being more creative than I expected. Any friends I have that are poke-fans agree...the only place I see RS remake demand for is in threads like this.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
-Gamefreak has stated that they do not have a particular pattern of release for their games, but
There is no but. They said there is no pattern, but then you go and look for it anyway.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
I have noticed that 3 "main games" (i.e. R/B/Y, G/S/C, D/P/Pt etc.) and 2 remakes(i.e. FR/LG, HG/SS) are released each generation so all together its a total of 5 games Gamefreak develops each generation (after Gen. 2 obviously).
And here the pattern already falls apart on itself. Why? BW2, they are not predicted by the pattern, and the most comparable role they might have played is those of remakes, since they offer a more nostalgic experience with old pokemon in the same gen. Whoops.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
Obviously only 2 "main games" have been released in Gen. 5 so we can expect at least another game before Gen. 6 starts.
(why is it "at least" now instead of 5?)

Unless you seriously believe they would make a single RS remake instead of at least 2 versions, you're not making sense.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
I have also noticed that each generation has a 3-4 life span, Generation 5 debuted in 2010 (2011 in NA/EU)
Meaning anywhere between fall 2013 and 2014 would be the perfect time for gen VI to debut....

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
so we can at least expect either Gray, B/W3, R/S remake or a completely new project by Summer 2014.
Grey on 3DS = nonsense
BW3 on 3DS = nonsense
...well actually Another gen V game on 3DS = alltogether nonsense
RS remake on 3DS= nonsense

in other words, any of those are only viable options if gamefreak for some insane reason stuck with the DS engine instead of moving on like everyone else, and that is not the slightest bit realistic when you simply consider there are at this moment no DS games to be released or in developement. The DS is finished, like every handheld before it. Even BW2 were made for DS merely for consistency with BW1.

Releasing another DS game would be equivalent to releasing another GBA game a year after DP!

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
I do not think Gamefreak will break the 5 game cycle.
Remember the part where they don't care?

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
If there is a R/S remake, it will most likely be release around Q3 of 2013 considering the fact that they not spoken about it and they will want to reach the holiday shoppers. What's better than a R/S remake and a 3DS XL bundle for Christmas? Huge profit for Nintendo!
What's better? Simple, Gen VI bundled with 3DS.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
But who knows, we have no idea how long they have been developing the game and Spring/Summer releases are common.
Theyve had the 3DS since early 2010, one of the earliest to get it, obviously they didn't have it sitting on a shelf like it doesn't bother them...

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post

-If a R/S remake is actually in the works it will inevitably be a 3DS game.
ANY game in the works is gonna be 3DS. Period.

All you gotta ask yourself is what makes more sense to introduce the franchise on it:
remakes or gen VI? Check your patterns, cause they might actually have an answer here.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
With all of the hardware the 3DS offers we can expect something great! Hopefully Gamefreak will try to tweak the story R/S to be a little more mature and complex because it is so many possibilities concerning Team Magma & Aqua! It can easily be best Pokemon game ever! This series continues to get better and better as the years go by, always making a set forward so whatever Gamefreak releases this year whether it be a R/S remake, B/W3, Gray or a new project entirely I will be excited for it!!
Sure, when Hoenn-nostalgia-milking games come about, I really hope they'll try being more creative and expand it rather than just copy&paste it like the previous remakes with just a bunch of tacked on features.

If it was up to me, Id actually improve, expand and change them so much that it would warrant releasing a third version too, to avoid the "Rayquaza is star instead of mascots" issue you get otherwise without it.

Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
So now it will only be fair if they released a R/S/E remake so players who collect and play competitive will have their Hoeen pokemon too.
After gen III, Pokemon from "missing" generations have started to become obtainable in tons of alternate ways to the point that this argument is actually against the remakes.

Take for example starters/legends, because they are the crucial ones (the rest is always scattered through the games whether in post-game, DW, radar or whatever, usually even several), when they were last obtainable:
Gen V - current
Gen I - starter in HGSS, legends in HGSS
Gen II - starter in HGSS, legends in HGSS
Gen III - starter in HGSS, mascots in HGSS, the rest even in BW2
Gen IV - starters in Platinum, mascots in Platinum, the rest in BW2

Therefore Gen IV are the hardest to obtain.
If you try to argue this in any different logic (like saying you only consider gen V at this moment), youll have to account for all gens missing not just gen III.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Assuming Gen VI is out on the 3DS, that's will mean all players who want to carry on playing Pokemon will have to migrate to the 3DS and at that point it will be impossible, so at one time or another it's going to become much more difficult to transfer from Gen 3 to a later generation.
There is no need to transfer anything from gen 3. They made everything gen 3 had to offer, reobtainable one way or another in gen IV.