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Hello everyone i just found out a great thing called Field Art you see when you go to a grass patch you encounter a Pokemon? i have discovered An Art where you can encounter what you need here is an example Imagine if there is 3 rows of grass patches under each other now there is a pikachu and a jigglypuff and a raticate the first row will have a
raticate and the 2nd row will have pikachu and the 3rd row will have a jigglypuff this can be even more than 3 patches
like on route 3 in pokemon firered got alot of grass patches but to get a jigglypuff from there can you see the 8th trainer that you defeated and had a jigglypuff with it? next to it there is a patch of grass in the left <<< go there and you will encounter a jigglypuff i hope i made it clear

Please Note : This Art will not work in caves only in Grass Patches

Edit 1 : GUYS i found out that it works in caves too imagine if you entered diglet cave there well be normal land and a land that looks little dug [like the dugtrio leaving a trace when they move] in that dug area go to it and you will encounter a dugtrio but in normal land it will be a diglet oh and also in rock tunnel the muddy area is just like Grass Patches but different textures so it is the same method

Shines i caught
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