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Rated M; GM'd by Raikiri & Supervegeta

The World

Claims have been made about the decency of our world, yet history has proven us wrong, time and time again. Aerion wasn’t born in chaos. We have made it thus.”
-Lord Robert of House Welm, Ethora
All is not well in the world of Aerion. The immense nation of Ethora is in turbulent times as its Houses feud amongst themselves following the sudden assassination of their king, which is gradually pushing the disjointed country to civil war. The frail land of Eveamoor struggles to maintain its integrity while it declines in economic collapse. The nations of Vanaheim and Falke, which have been at odds for centuries, are being slowly pushed to hostilities, and whispers have begun to be spoken of Vanaheim’s mobilization for war. The countries of the south are slowly being entangled in their own quarrels, as Palaven and Raelus both seek to strengthen their influence in the region of Rolsten, with Ellessar attempting to maintain some order of stability among the nations, and Bredon being caught in the middle of the others’ campaigns.

Indeed, Aerion is in shambles, and should the nations that inhabit it continue along this path, the world would ultimately destroy itself. Some comprehend the peril this world faces, and some would have something be done about it. On the isle of Ekilore has existed a structure of colossal size (extending high into the clouds and being visible from all regions of Aerion) called the Tower of Oculus, which was built long before many histories were documented. There dwells the Monks of Ekilore, who have resided there for as long as people can remember. Although the nations by no means see eye to eye, generally all respect, or at least value, the opinion of the Monks, which come often in the form of prophecies or divinations. On the 1792nd year since the Founding of Civilization (FC), such a prophecy was formed. The Monks of Ekilore invited to their tower emissaries of each of the countries to hear their prophecy, one in which they say could alter the fate of the world.


Presented to you are two options, two roads to journey upon. One road begins on Ekilore, where you answer the summons of the Monks. This path will take you on a quest all across the lands, where you attempt to change the course of the world, and thereby save it. The fate of Aerion is very much in your hands.

Yet in a world filled with strife is also presented the prospect of opportunity. For whatever purpose, be it gold, gods, guidance or glory (or whatever else your reason may be), you have recently begun travel with a group of mercenaries as they make their way through the land. You will accept contracts from clients, which could involve anything from slaying foul creatures, saving or protecting innocents, removing heads off individuals, and anything in between. Yet the life of a mercenary, especially in Aerion, may be more than it originally seems.

Cast of Characters


Opening Post Setting

Knights: You find yourself arriving at a small wooden dock at the edge of the isle of Ekilore. There are no villages or towns, nor are there inhabitants or animals. There is only a small dock where your ship arrives and the Tower of Oculus. The Tower itself stands at an immeasurable height, ascending deep into the clouds. It is one of the great wonders of the world, having stood for as long as civilization existed, with myths and legends of Old Aerion describing its ornate design in great detail. It's white-silver marble craftsmanship being the envy of many masons. It's sky stabbing height is legendary. It is said that no matter where one stood, the grand tower could be seen. Upon the tower also is seen the insignia of the monks of Ekilore:

Your opening post should include any detail you want to provide about your journey to Ekilore, and your arrival. You will proceed on your own through the tower, where you will wait at the top to be summoned into the monks’ dwelling.

Mercenaries: As a mercenary, your group has recently accepted a contract to eliminate a group of orcs who were rampaging through a village on the outskirts of Dalenham. The village, known as Sabamin, consisted no more than a few dozen homes made of wood, standing close by each other. Successful in your contract, your group decides to meet at the tavern in Dalenham known as the “Broken Keg” for a celebratory drink and the splitting of the shares of the contract.

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