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Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
I understand why Gen VI taking the title to be the first Pokemon games on the 3DS would be logical as testing grounds but for me I still think it's too soon after Gen V, I know there's no strict pattern but it doesn't feel like enough time has passed to move on to the next generation.

So assuming Gen VI is announced this month, that would mean a release for Japan around May according to previous releases and then November internationally, that's all in the space of 2013.

That's just how I see it and if it is a game announcement on Sunday we will find out where remakes stand regardless of what is announced.
The Gen VI Games might have been In Development Before B2W2 Seeing as thats how it was with Platinum and the 3DS was out before B2W2
If thats the case then we could probably expect a release international in July Maybe

Quote originally posted by legendhunter14:
they definitely should make gen VI for the 3DS, and the possible RS remakes should be OR on the Ds system OR 1game on the DS and the other one for the 3DS

C Payne, did you made that Hoenn map in BW style by yourself? it's very awesome.
btw, how about the names MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire for the remakes?
If they Make Gen VI on 3ds they won't make the RSE remakes on DS
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