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Quote originally posted by scprepschool:
Still poses a threat to the leveling up system... and i love pokemons level up system and dont wanna see it change. Unless you played with multiple pc's which is a dumb idea for pokemon... i just look at it like the inevitable, you can only build something so tall before it falls. Pokemon being one of my favorite games and being a part of my life for so long i, as a fan, would prefer a slower pace
One that i can savor. Which naturally an easy task, through remakes.
If you mean to tell me that you wanna tear through a 3rd region ( assuming we do hit 1500 species) with lvl 90 pkmn ( knowing your cap is 100, also knowing that if you regress to lvl 60s you will be trampled by the lass on route 2) then heyyy, we are just polar opposites that wont agree so there is no reason for us to even try to change each others mind
They Would no doubt raise the level cap if that were to happen
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