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Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
A body knelt down next to her and Olivia shook her head to try and clear her vision. It actually seemed to work, and her eyes focused on a female hovering over her, holding something to her lips. She said something Olivia didn't understand but quickly identified as the name of a berry and explained it would help to ward off the cold. Woah! Berries that could cure the cold? This girl must've been some sort of wildlife /genius/! Olivia's initially confused expression turned into something of gratitude and she met Nemo's eyes with a friendly smile before turning her attention to Nemo's hand and allowing herself to gingerly pluck the berry from betwixt Nemo's fingers with her lips, quite literally eating out of her hands. She's totally into that sort of thing.

A crash startled her before she could properly thank Nemo however as the familiar sight of an Abomasnow burst it's way through the mound of snow the avalanche had created in a fury. The snorunt seemed startled as well, but when it tried to flee Olivia wrapped her arms around it in a firm but gentle manner. The abomasnow was not amused by Tyler's request. It was there for Olivia, but it quickly identified the other two humans as possible accomplices. Clouds seemed to follow the pokemon to them, and before the group knew it it was snowing, and the snow was rapidly getting heavier. Hail was soon to come.

Olivia just sort of emitted something of a meek squeak and stayed where she was as if frozen. She was clearly afraid.

Two vanillish rapidly advanced on the two females, surrounding them. Both their mouths opened and prepared to strike the two with an icy wind attack The abomasnow moved in more slowly, keeping it's intentions hidden until the last possible moment. It clearly wanted to give them a hug!

MEANWHILE, a single Vanillish advanced on Tyler. It was floating around him in an aggressive, slightly dodgy manner, as if daring him to intervene. It was his choice if he actually wanted to fight the thing. It didn't seem to be readying an attack, but judging by how it was acting might very well do so at the slightest provocation.
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