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Originally Posted by shubshub View Post
Why did you get a DSi it just seems like you got ripped off if you ask me

a DSi Is Probably not much cheaper than a 3DS
DSi's are $99 and 3DS' are $169.

But as repeated many times, there are NO DS games listed for release this year. I'll check Gamestop sometime later this week to see if there is still no update, but the last three months I've checked had no games listed for 2013 for the DS console. Nintendo most likely forced a full console switch with all of its development companies. Which was why B/W/B2/W2 were made so fast. Gamefreak wanted to finish making them for the DS while they still could.

As for level up threat. I do not see how adding more threatens the level up system. Each game will only have x amount of pokemon with a lot of past pokemon not catchable through the main versions, and then later added in/cycled in with the next set. How many Pokemon are in the game has nothing to do with how the levels are effected.

We've never had a Pokemon game with 300 Pokemon in the Pokedex before B2W2. There was no difference in the level features between B2W2 and B/W which only had 156 Pokemon. 6 More than the original series.

EXP gain is tweeked every generation, yes, but that has never had anything to do with the amount of Pokemon in the game. EV's wouldn't have to change either as that's a completely different system in its own. It has nothing to do with levels at all. EVs are extra ways to raise the stats. You can even max out the EVs of a Level 1 Pokemon without having it fight any Pokemon and then Rare Candy it to level 50.

None of what you are saying is even remotely close to valid reasons for anything relating to remakes needing to be remade nor does it pose any sort of impact of future games.