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Everything im saying... is in relation of how so many pokemon would fit into the idea of being able to catch em all on one system... if we had 1000 or more pokemon by a 7th or 8th gen. Not to mention how exhausting a transfer process would be... even if 600 pokemon were available in one game locally you would still have to transfer 400... its all in relation with other posts a page back i think or maybe higher up this page and evs would be useless after level 50 pretty much like now ( without event distribution daycare or rarecandy hacks) but now they are only almost naturally useless on only half of your pokemons level span... considering all from level 1 and up because we are talking about the span... ifbthey went to 150 evs would be ridicolous and later regions would be over powered in comparison.
And like i said in another post just a little while ago...
It will only allow you to catch maybe 400 or so in one game... which will go to stand that by 1000 species with 400 in one game... we would see a johto/ kanto a hoenn or sinnoh or unova anywhere from 2-3 remakes per system if compatibilty is an issue... how is that not valid withy point of does that not relate to remake speculation.
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