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Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
And my thing about evs is if the level cap raises the ev cap raises. 255 evs would turn to almost 400 evs and would give redicolous power to online battlers. If someone caps a garchomp at level 50 with about 820 evs his stats would look something like this

How would this not be a red flag in fairness to people who dont hack their item bags or pokemon

Also if you read my earlier post, i admitted that it was becoming more realistic that e will get a gen 6. The later post wasnt an argument on wether rse would be out before that or even if it would be on ds or 3ds... it was an expansion of ideas about how gamers could welcome a outlandish amount of species to obtain on one system
Thats their fault for not training pokemon properly then isn't it

EDIT: Raising the Level Cap doesn't mean they have to raise the EV cap
Alot of Pokemon get Max EV's Long Long before Level 100
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