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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Again, Amount of Pokemon in a game has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with level cap or a need to change anything related to EXP or level. Yes its going to be a chore to transfer all of those that aren't in the game. They will always be difficult. The point of Pokemon is to trade and meet with others to collect all Pokemon.

Games have had about 200 Pokemon per game up until B2W2. I don't see them going over 300 even with new games. So they will still would have a certain amount missing per game to transfer from others. They don't have to have remakes as they can make other ways to collect them much like the Dream World.

Nothing with the Level Cap, EXP gain or EVs have to change even if they add more. Pokemon will still run exactly as it has been with Trade and transfer methods until a new transfer method is made to replace the older one, though Trades will always be a priority for Gamefreak as its the foundation of Pokemon.
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