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N would have shown itself if he was a Zoroark. But his hair really looks like A Zoroark's one...+ maybe that's why he wanted us to release pokemon in B/W. Because he was a Zoroark, and had an trainer who...well you know. So the REAL answer is...

We don't know. I mean, It's not even shown in the main story, not even in the after game, so the right answer is we don't know. IF they continue N's story in other games, then MAYBE he could be a Zoroark, like you say, if they do not continue N's story in other games, then no. He isn't. And I think the Zoroark who leads who to N's castle isn't yours, is N's...proof:
What if you didn't train the Zorua you receive from the old plasma admin? The Zoroark that leads youto the castle will be a Zorua? I don't think so.
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