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"We are remaking an old game, but this is quite a challenge. Old fans would not want us to mess with their good memories... but there is no point in just redoing the same thing, right? We are working towards something that brings back memories, yet is also completely new! "

These words were said by the president of GameFreak in HG and SS (Celadon Condominiums). Based on what he said, I ask you this:

How well do you think the remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver represent the originals, Gold and Silver?
-Do you think they should have made the remakes more similar to the originals? Or do you think they should have more new features and such.
-Is there something you wanted that was in the originals, but not in the remake? Or was there something new you wanted them to add, but didn't.

For me, I would say it had some cool new features and buildings, while also keeping parts that made it recognizable when compared to the originals. Overall, I feel it was a good mix of new and old.

Anyways, Discuss.
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