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- Get starter to level 10 before reaching the first town (before I reach Viridian & get the package from the mart, for example, or before I reach Cherrygrove City)
- Make sure all Pokemon I catch in a new region are evaluated for their usefullness to my team, if they are good for my team line up, then I will keep them & train them to the same level as all my other Pokemon before I move onto the next area
- Catch ALL the pokemon in one area before moving to the next
- After I've caught every Pokemon, Have my boxes organized by generation then type. So, like, box 1 will be fire type, & all my fire-type pokemon will be organized in THAT box in order of generation.
- Make sure all Pokemon are equal levels before moving onto another area!
- After a while I always dump the starter in a box in the PC in order to create a team full of dual-types, in order to get rid of as many 'weak spots' in the team as I can.

Yes I'm obsessive.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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