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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Well, you said to…

I'm just gonna say here, the popularity contest are kinda rude tbh. I mean, I kinda already knew that Forever, Hikari, all those people, they're popular (and deserve it tbh). But this is just pushing in my face "you're not cool enough" type of thing. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, but that's what it felt like.
The idea that the whole event is a popularity contest is a feeling not just shared by you. We understand that there is an element of 'popularity' in people's voting, but it is very difficult to get around that problem as we can't influence someone saying "don't vote for your friends."

To be constructive on the matter, would you say the problem is to do with the categories that are in place? Do you think it is something that could be addressed, or do you believe that it will always fall victim to being just a 'popularity contest'?
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