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I'll be taking up the Monotype Challenge after reading and watching them on YouTube.

Username: Twihiki_Amias
Type:Water;Normal;Electric;Fire; All Separately.
Challengeingle for Each type. *But will do one for now.*
Game(s): Fire Red (Will be the 1st one: Water) I may do Sapphire/Ruby for the other types listed and maybe a Hack of which I'll ponder on later.

I have actually already started on my Water Mono and have made it to Pewter City and have easily defeated Brock with my Squirtle. I have now obtained a Magicarp from the guy you sells you it for $500 Poke Dollars/Yen, it is now a Gyarado: Water/Flying
That now makes 2 until I encounter another water type perhaps.
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