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Nemo "Ace" Dannan
Icy Plains
The great beast of tree and frost lumbered out of the sudden snowbank with a great cry to celebrate its victory; a monster of three hundred pounds of bulk that towered over all but Berth as its rise was punctuated by the cries of two ice cream cones, shoring up the numbers for its inevitable assaulted on Nemo and the fallen girl whose name she had yet to take. Nemo's limber legs hopped over Olivia, a gesture sent to Berth causing the arm-thrust Pokemon to rush to her side on stomping feet, its own girth just wider and taller than the roaring Abomasnow before them.

Cool air rushed into Nemo's nostrils as she took her stance upon the uneven ice that would serve as their battlefield; clearing her mind from the obstruction of panic or worry, for she'd need all her senses to defeat the fearsome Abomasnow that challenged her in the hunting of a Snorunt, and now the protection of a companion. The creature's eyes met hers, fueled by emotion stirred by some forgotten disturbance, and cried loudly to the heavens with its intention of attack. Ice hurtled out of the ground surrounding the battlefield, coalescing into clear and wicked shards of ice around its palms.

The fight would not end so quickly, and Nemo would make sure of that. With fingers faster than that of a normal trainer, her hands flipped to the Pokeballs on her belt and released the companions that would serve as backup in the fight of three on one; the aces in her slave, if she could keep them protected for long enough. The time for battling was now, and Nemo's voice yelled orders at her Pokemon not from rage, but from need to drain out their foes. "Berth; Tank and RT!" Her words came out quickly, the training in Hariyama's mind at the forefront of his movement, as he stepped before Nemo, his hands splayed to block the incoming shards of ice. "Ezra; SCM and sweep. Cass; SP defend."

Though it was gibberish to most, Nemo and her Pokemon knew each other well. Kirlia hopped at the chance to obey, moving to stand before a snowbank in a series of elegant movements that made the frills on her body dance in the cool breeze. She was followed swiftly by Cassie, whose ivory fur blended with their surroundings, but whose crimson eyes stood out like fire. The Absol's movements were low and swift, as she sunk to an intimidating position just before Ezra, with a cry that announced her intention to destroy their foes. In that short time, the Abomasnow had launched its first attack.

Three shards of ice, formed in the shape of stalactites, collided with Berth's presented hands in a flurry of shattered shards that made a fine mist out of the air before them. The bulky Pokemon grunted, but made no other show of its discomfort, as Nemo began her part of the battle. She sprinted towards their gathered opponents of numbers three, before sinking low to the ground at the foot of a particularly large pile of snow and kicking her leg out in a spinning movement that sent a cascade of ice in the eyes of the gathered ice Pokemon. They were unphased by any soreness, but a glance behind her allowed Nemo to see the soft shimmer of Ezra's form.

Veils of snow shifted from before the Abomasnow's eyes, but its time to rejoice in light of new vision was short. Berth had begun his charge at first hint of the distraction, and barreled towards the downy-furred Pokemon with its massive palm swung far behind it. Only a grunt of startled news escaped the yeti's lips, before Berth's fist came upon its torso like a freight train and sent it stumbling backwards against the mountain wall. The attack had hit hard enough, certainly, but not nearly as much as Nemo had hoped.

Before Nemo could strike out again, the Vanillish that followed their Abomasnow into the battle unleashed their gathered attacks; one of them hurtled towards Ezra and Cassie in a burst of chilled wind, while the first set its sights on the human that dared to attack its hardened carapace. Its lower half wobbled in the air, swirling briefly in all the time it needed to prepare an attack, before flipping over its own weight and unleashing a shot of chilled wind in the trainer's direction that would be impossible to dodge quickly enough. The blast collided with each inch of her exposed skin more thoroughly than the avalanche, unleashing a biting pain all over Nemo's body, but she gritted her teeth through it with her arms crossed before her.

The Vanillish that attempted to assault Cassie with a similar attack had somewhat less luck, as its bulk hurtled towards the red-eyed Pokemon in preparation to unleash its attack, only for its momentum to come to a sudden stop. Cassie leaped up from her dangerously low position, gliding through the air in the few short feet between them and sending the wild Pokemon hurtling through the air with the force of her sucker punch. A pained cry was all that emerged from the Vanillish, as it regained its stability and unleashed the chilled wind with somewhat less enthusiasm, in a burst that made Cassie's limbs twitch in the frost.

Their bulky foe was the next to make another move, thoroughly enraged by the denial of its attack before and the following attack that caused it to stumble backwards. With another roar that shook the eardrums of those surrounding it, great fists swung out at Berth's massive torso. A crackle covered its balled-up knuckles just before contact, surrounding its fist in a casing of ice that would surely damage the Hariyama more than a mere punch would; and, with its berserker fury fueling the attack, it did. Berth was the next to lose its footing, as he struggled not to fall over from the force of the Abomasnow's swing and scarcely managed not to slip.

A flash of worry shot over Nemo's eyes, with the disquiet from her tank, but she had her next opponent lined up already; too much time would be lost if she attempted to attack the Abomasnow now, so she resolved to finish her own attack. There was a crunch as she dug her heels into the thick layer of snow, followed by several smaller pads as she sprinted across the battlefield, and a final cry of exertion as the young woman leaped through the air and came into contact with the all-too-surprised Vanillish that floated at half her size. Unable to stop the momentum of the attack, both of them careened into the mountainface with the Vanillish first, where its form crashed with a resounding clink.

There was a cry of outrage from its injuries, and Vaniliish unleashed a rage that befitted its ally more than the Pokemon most would underestimate. Its body shook violently as a screech of utter anger escaped its mouth, sending Nemo flying off of its form to tumble into a snowdrift where she barely landed in a crouching position. It did give the trainer a view of how her other two Pokemon were doing, however, as the Vannilish saw its folly in attacking the Absol and instead spun round to attack where Ezra stood directly. As before, its bottom swiveled in the air, a gust of wind surrounded it, and it shot at Kirlia's meditating form to send her...nowhere.

The substitute disappeared from the brunt of Vanillish's icy wind, revealing the true place where Ezra stood; atop an outcropping of rock and snow just above them, where her low mumble of chanting came to an end, and her eyes glowed with iridescent indigo. There was no time for the wild Pokemon to feel fear, however, as Cassie had not been preparing to counter an attack this time. The tip of each strand of ivory fur across the Absol's body turned softly blue, as she hurtled through the air once again and brought her horn across their opponent's body. The sound of breaking glass echoed across the battlefield, as the defeated Vanillish fell to the ground.

Abomasnow's head tilted in confusion at the lack of response from its opponent, whose eyes had closed since its last icy punch, but, in its rage, reared its fist back to lay another punch on its slightly healed opponent. Its moved was stalled by the feeling of immense pain at its ankle, as the wild Pokemon was briefly weakened to its knees and Nemo stood behind it with an outstretched foot, from where she'd put all of her strength behind a kick to slow the wild Pokemon down, and buy her companions enough time to take it down.

Atop her outcropping, Ezra gazed down over her opponents, as psychic energies tingled around her fingertips and ran through her body like blood; she would be able to do anything in this battle, with the time taken to charge her abilities, and there was one in particular that would feel her power for all it was worth. The Vanillish that attempted to attack her mistress, who, even now, screeched loudly in indignance at the attack that befell it. It would all by over soon, and she would make sure of it.

A flash of blue covered the battlefield, followed only by the foreboding sound of gathered energy most often heard on a jetway, but that now came from the swirling hands of a Kirlia, as her gaze settled on an unaware Vanillish. Dark energies formed around her hands, coalescing into a black and blue ball of destruction that would help them win the battle, and defeat the barely injured ice Pokemon in one fell swoop. The focused orb launched across the battlefield and collided with the Vanillish before it was even aware of the danger, sending it careening into the distance, thoroughly defeated.

Back in the Abomasnow's reach, Berth left a few mutterings beneath his slumbered breath, as training took over for his sleeping mind and he brought his palm once-again to bear on their dangerous opponent. The infallible palm smacked against the Abomasnow's torso and sent it stumbling backwards once again, with a loud grunt of pain instead of mere annoyance this time, as it reared its fist back to assault the offending Pokemon, who sought to damage it even in its sleep.

This was no time for its victory, as Cassie came bounding across the clearing and tackled the wild Pokemon in a blur of white and blue that sent both of them skidding across the ground. The Absol practically surfed on the Abomasnow's body, as they slid across the battlefield only to stop in a particularly deep snowdrift, from which she hopped with ease and in which the raging Abomasnow laid defeated through a combination of teamwork and a smart choice of training for each of Nemo's Pokemon.

The teen herself ran an arm across her brow, the effort with which she'd fought having taken something of a toll on even her well-trained body.

Synopsis of battle:

Abomasnow used Ice Shard on Berth.
Nemo threw snow in the opponents' faces.
Ezra used Substitute.
Berth used Focus Punch on Abomasnow.
Vanillish used Icy Wind on Nemo.
Vanillish used Icy Wind on Cassie, and got a Sucker Punch for its trouble.

*next round*

Abomasnow used Ice Punch on Berth.
Nemo tackled the Vanillish.
Ezra used Calm Mind.
Berth used Rest.
Vanillish used Uproar on Nemo.
Vanillish used Icy Wind on Ezra, destroying her substitute.
Cassie used Superpower on Vanillish, causing it to faint.

*next round*

Nemo crippled the Abomasnow's ankle.
Ezra used Focus Blast on the remaining Vanillish, causing it to faint.
Berth used Sleep Talk > Force Palm on Abonasnow.
Absol used Superpower on Abomasnow, causing it to faint.

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