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Quote originally posted by Toshiro.:
I am actually looking forward to Man Of Steel. Mainly because Christopher Nolan is having his part in it, and after the Batman trilogy I want to see how Superman goes. I also am excited for Catching Fire of course, as well as The Host.

Least? Grown Ups 2, Hanzel and Grettle (lol), and Iron Man 3.
The Host sounds like it'll be a good movie. A friend of mine read the book a couple of years ago and said it was really good and recently said she was excited for the movie to come out. Of course, a plot of strange creatures arriving on Earth and doing their alien-y things is not exactly something that's not been done in recent times, but it still looks good regardless.

As for Hansel and Grettle... Why all the old folklore/fairy tale's are being made into movies is beyond me, but this one should have been left untouched.
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