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Originally Posted by Axemonkey77 View Post
OK. So i just beat the dark organization in their ship and i beat jimmy right near the ship and then i was given the option of choosing which path to take. I went behind the aircraft but the whole area was a big patch of grass and there were no areas for me to enter through and talk to zoey. So i just headed to lustersand town to beat the E.M. I was able to fly so i went home to fight the next gym when my rival stopped me and told about everything that he did. After that i was told to go to the hevah league and they had that huge discussion about giratina. I basically got my whole normal path of the storyline erased. I beat the game on evil mode before so i know. They skipped my part of the sotryline and they sent me to the leon empire. Im so confused on my normal storyline. There was no walkway to enter. I was aimlessly walking around in the patch of grass behind the aircraft.
Well the normal mode basically aims for winning badges and league only. When you had done the aircraft event you should have gone to find team steam island and then should have return at the back of airline. I don't know why this event occurs after visiting that far place