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(If this is in the wrong section Mods Please Move it)

There come's a time In every console's life where we Must say Goodbye to it and welcome in the next

I Feel that the Nintendo DS Has finally hit that Mark

With a Library of Grand Games (Most Notably the Pokemon Series) And also Some ****** Games (Most Notably any Game Adapted From a Movie) I think the DS Was a Great Console it was a First in the Touch Screen Generation of Consoles of many to Come

Released in North America on November 21st 2004 and in Japan on December 2nd
Released in Australia on February 25th 2005 and in Europe on March 11th 2005
The Original DS (Now Commonly known as the DS Phat)
Discontinued in 2007 and Succeeded by the Redesigned and Much Smaller the Nintendo DS Lite
Released on My Birthday 7 Years Ago (As of 2013) March 2nd 2006 in Japan
and Everywhere else in June

The Best Selling Game Being: Nintendogs (22.27 Million all versions combined as of March 31st 2009)
And New Super Mario Bros (18.45 Million)

Then Succeeded by the Nintendo DSi Which Featured a New Firmware and also and Overhaul of the Look to now have a Camera
Being the First Nintendo Device to be Internet Enabled for System Updates Released on November 1st 2008

Which was then Redesigned again into a Larger Version Known as the Nintendo DSi XL

And Now The Direct Successor to the Nintendo DS and the one to be eventually Welcomed in properly The Nintendo 3DS Released on February 26th 2011 in Japan, March 25th 2011 in Europe, March 27th 2011 in North America, March 31st 2011 in Australia, April 28th 2012 in Korea and December 1st 2012 in China (Wow Lol China gets it last a Country with like 2 Billion People)
Although the 3DS has Already been Succeeded by the 3DSxl They run the same software and can be treated mostly the same

So Lets all Discuss our Memories we had with the Nintendo DS as it slowly fades into History

R.I.P Nintendo DS 2004-2012
Most Recent Released Game: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
Best Selling Games: Nintendogs (All Versions) and New Super Mario Bros DS
Succeeded by: The Nintendo 3DS

(Mods again if this is in the wrong place please please move it)

And Welcoming in the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS 2011-Present
[Nintendo 3DS]: 4441 8375 5933 [Pokemon Y]

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