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Originally Posted by ImKris View Post
Hindi ko alam kung active pa tong thread na to pero pa sali na rin haha :D

Username: ImKris
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Advance Happy New Year to all of you :D
Syempre active pa to, hindi lang ako masyadong nakakapunta rito kasi madami akong ginagawa.

(Of course this is still active, It's just I don't frequently come here this days because I'm just too busy)

You're Acepted btw. :3

Originally Posted by Kirito-kun View Post
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Kala ko Hapon ka?! Nice you're in 3rd Year too? *Hi 5! xD

Accepted as well.

Remember to answer the topic when you sign-up ok?

Here's the current topic:
What can you say about the syntax bill being implemented around the Philippines?
For me, it's one of the best things that the government did this year this will lessen the smokers and alcohol drinkers in the Philippines that would lead to less people being poor and sick. And I'm pretty sure the tax that would be collected would be really, I mean really, really, helpful to us.