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FULL NAME: Osumoto Arakira
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/1/1991

APPEARANCE: In real life, Arakira doesn't completely look like the average young Japanese woman. She is from a very rich family and therefore is expected to wear properly feminine but stylish clothing every day, part of it being high heels. Her hair is long and black and she most often keeps it in a thick braid running down her back. She is short and has bright, slanted brown eyes and rather high cheekbones. Her nose is tiny but cute and her lips are narrow. When she allows herself some free time (which is more often than her parents think it should be), she wears long pants and loose blouses as much as she can. She dislikes that the school has always forced her to dress in a special way and that her reputation and position demands the same, albeit with slightly different clothes. She needs glasses when reading since she is far-sighted. Also, she is left-handed.

USERNAME: Ryuujinx
GUILD: Daemonhead

ACCOLADES & ACHIEVEMENTS: Most who have had dealings with the company guild Osumoto Biomedicals inside CLOUD at some point know that the daemon Ryuujinx is associated with their heiress Osumoto Arakira. This can be both good and bad. Some businessmen within CLOUD can still be useful for Arakira when she needs a favor or information, while others follow her father's unofficial stance and keep their distance from her.

Ryuujinx does not hold any record for dungeons or arenas since she is still pretty much a noob. Now that she has finally cut herself loose from too overbearing responsibilities in the business sector though, she can focus on nurturing her spirit instead and goes exploring with members of Daemonhead in RAIN as often as she can to grow stronger and find awesome loot. If anything, she might be the one of the guild's most relentless members nowadays.

DAEMON APPEARANCE: Ryuujinx appears as a Japanese dragon with a fierce face at first glance but often a clever albeit toothy smile if you look closer. Her eyes are a bright, almost yellow green color with round pupils. Her face is covered in white fur while her long neck and body is covered in white, pearly scales. The mane grows from the ridge of her back, almost all the way down to her tail, and is a mix of black and cerise hair. On her head sits a pair of deer-like horns close to furry deer-like ears. Her black front legs, which double as perfectly able hands, look like a bird's legs and hands, with claws that can be retracted or fully visible depending on if she wants to shake hands with someone or partake in a battle. The claws are painted with a teal color. Her hind legs are a bit sturdier but still have bird-like feet, also with teal claws. Finally, the tail is almost as long as the body and thins out into a small fan of cerise feathers. When she stands up straight, she measures about 6'5" not counting the tail.

Arakira heard about the CLOUD announcement at the worst of times. She was having breakfast, for once together with her whole family - she, her mother, her younger sister and their father. The subject of CLOUD was still touchy. The radio played, since Mr Osumoto disliked talking at breakfast and would rather just have something to listen to that he did not need to reply back to. Suddenly, the news talked about the exact thing he did not want to hear when Arakira was in the same room.
On the first minute of 21st of December, 2012 (JST), CLOUD will revolutionise. Make sure you're online before then to claim rare anniversary items and to catch the live screening of the special announcement. We hope to see you then!"
Arakira and her father didn't realize that their stares met until after a few seconds. Then they both looked away. Her sister started talking about it but Mrs Osumoto stopped her. Not another word was said during that breakfast.

Of course Arakira would log on in time for the announcement, showing up as her beloved daemon Ryuujinx. She wondered why they didn't reveal more. If it was a new area, they would usually show a trailer or something. And if it was a bunch of new quests, they would still do the same. Maybe this wasn't as big a thing as they made it sound, or maybe it was a whole new city, like CIRRUS? She had a hard time focusing on work over the next couple of days, spending much time with CLOUD trying to see if someone else knew more about what was to come.

Some people in Daemonhead knew one more thing, apparently. They had heard that if you log on at 00:00 and 00:01 exactly one week before the announcement, you'll get to see a sneak peek of what it could be. It was out of the question that Arakira would miss that.

On the day for the pre-announcement, Arakira sat with her smartphone in her lap next to her sister Haruhi, who wasn't a hardcore CLOUD member, but still had an account as well. Haruhi's daemon was a blue Charmander, since she had liked pokémon at the time when she made her account.

"What do you think it will be?" the younger sister asked the elder.

Arakira smiled. "It could be anything. I knew they were going to give us a sneak peak. They don't do updates like these without some advertisement."

"Do you think father will be logging on now as well?"

The older sister turned to look at the younger. "Why would he? He doesn't care about CLOUD for what it is; he just thinks it's a convenient way to make contacts and affairs. Since it's so secure."

"I don't know. I think he likes walking around in ALTO and CIRRUS."

"What would you know about ALTO? You're not 18 yet."

"I'm 17! Don't treat me like a little child, Arakira. It might be me who will take over the company, you know!"

Silence. Haruhi slammed her hands over her mouth with a scared look. Arakira just stared at her hollowly for a moment, before she sunk down and smiled. "I know," she said. "I knew that."

"It's not sure! I didn't mean to-"

"It's ok. I already knew that father did not want me to take over the company any longer. I failed him. I don't want that life anyways." She looked down at her smartphone. Soon, it was time to log in.

Haruhi looked like she had just crushed a mirror and would receive 7 years of bad luck. "I don't mean to take over what you would get..."

"Didn't you listen to me? I don't want that. I think... I think I never did. But you do. Please," Arakira put her hand on Haruhi's shoulder. "Work hard. I was groomed since an even earlier age. Please work hard. For father. And mother. And me."

"Of course!" Haruhi said, daring to smile a little, but tears were starting to pour out from her eyes. "Sorry. I'll just..." She got up and out of the room, leaving her smartphone on the couch where they had been sitting. Looking at it reminded Arakira of the announcement.

Without hesitating or thinking of calling her sister back, she quickly logged on. She could not miss this! She came just in time to hear what ICARUS had to say and receive the message with the key. How strange. When he was done, Ryuujinx was forced to log out. Arakira sat in the couch with a puzzled look when Haruhi returned.

"Is it time yet?" she asked.

"Oh... you missed it! I'm sorry. I was in a rush to log in and didn't think."

Haruhi wasn't angry; she actually laughed which relieved Arakira to no ends. "I didn't care as much as you did anyways."

Yes. She would make a better head of the company than Arakira would. Arakira had too many other things to think about. Too busy not growing up.

MISCELLANEOUS: Arakira is the heiress of a wealthy Japanese family who founded a successful medicine company called Osumoto Biomedicals and has dealings with many other important companies, such as CLOUD's managers at some level. Ever since she joined CLOUD though, the heiress has started to value other things in life than business.

Ryuujinx was created in 2006 but for personal reasons as well as family and business reasons she hasn't been leveling actively until mid 2011. Arakira was forced to use her daemon for business meetings and other official things like that between 2008 and 2011 and most of her levels still come from that.