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Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
Alright guys, so I actually sped through Diamond like I said I would so I'm now SRing for shiny Dialga. I've only done 2,000 SRs so far so I'm not surprised that it hasn't shown yet. I practiced catching it with normal Dialga, and I can't get over the fact that its high catch rate pretty much guarantees that I will have a shiny Dialga in a pokéball. XD
I was unaware of this... so I tried it out and caught it in one pokeball at full health. O_O Thanks for that XD

Quick hunts update 'cause why not...
Received my Soulsilver in the post today, so I started hunting starters. Gonna do a soulsilver badge quest along with my Ruby one, so yeah!
Dialga: 1625 SRs
Kyurem: 6860 SRs
Johto starters: 700 Starters seen
Treecko: 17,000 SRs
Yay.. xD

Happy new year everyone!

Felt like doing some more userbars! Feel free to use them, as always...



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