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well, theres a few questions but some background things are i know how to do stuff for the most part, but there are a few things im not really sure about, also, im doing a firered hack
1. can i make the overworld sprites for people completely in monochrome, save for a few?
2. is it possible to make a whole map at once monochrome, and then later make different things in color?
3. if not, is there another way to do it?
4. how do i make the healing circle thing in lavender tower work, stepping in the circle and getting healed
the reason i want to know these things are because im trying to make a creepypasta-ish hack, with almost everything in black and white save for a few things to make everything feel more "off"
edit, i found another thing i need help with
5. im trying to mae it so that all the water in the game will be red, i've looked at the palettes and cant find the normal surf water in red, might need a bit of help with that