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Granted. Arceus takes over as God and forces everyone to become Arceist. This angers Christians, who wage war against the new Arceists but lose brutally because Arceists had been granted Pokéball technology by Arceus and therefore utilized Pokémon to win the war. All religions except Arceism are eradicated in this fashion. The real world slowly transforms into the universe we see in the Pokémon manga (without the overload of titties). Eventually, Jirachi feels like this wish has upset the balance of time and space, so he persuades Celebi to send it back in time. Celebi agrees and Jirachi arrives just in time to stop me from granting you the wish. Boom, no wish granted and I just wrote a basis for a fanfiction.

I wish someone would force me to write that fanfiction about Real World Pokémon this instant.
Megaman X

That's right... It's begun again... How long must this war go on?
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