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Cecil became awe-stricken at the buildings, the food, and the happy townsfolk before his eyes. He had never been to a town before. He always stayed home whenever his parents had to leave, so he never got the chance to see all the amazing things these places held.

“C'mon Haunter lets go eat over there,” said Cecil as he pointed to a fast-food restaurant. Haunter agreed and they headed in the building to order some burgers.“Which kind do I want‚”thought Cecil,“There's only the chicken sandwich, and the regular cheese burger.” He stood there thinking until he got to the front of the waiting line. He stood there and began to hold up the line.He forgot he was in line the whole time. People kept shouting at him in anger until finally the lady behind the counter shouted,“May I take your order?!”

Haunter had to tug on Cecil's clothing grab his attention. “What Haunter,” asked Cecil, he stood there looking around. He paused realizing the problem.“U-u-uh, c-can I just get o-one, no two...uh...yeah two cheese burgers?” The lady took the order and walked away mumbling to herself as she took the order.

Cecil and Haunter sat down when they got their burgers and dug in to their delicious, warm cheese burgers.

They finished eating every bit of the burgers, and they sat there satisfied with the burgers resting in their stomaches. “So Haunter, what do ya think about this place so far?” “Haunt, haunt!” replied the demonic entity. Cecil then decided to leave the building and head toward the dorms.
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