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Drake meeped as he was hugged by the big dragonite. He grimaced a bit, the dragon's hugs were powerful. When he was let go, he walked back over to Valorie, taking the watter from Killik and the bandage from Mana.

"Thanks guys. Val, here." he said, offering her the water. He... couldn't see any blood. But she needed to drink some water regardless. He then smirked at how stubborn she was. She didn't want help? That spoke volumes, but she really did need to relax a bit. That's when he listened to Killik. She... had flown out because she lost a battle? Wow...

"Really..." he said after a moment. He chuckled and gestured at Dragonite, who was a short distance away from them.

"Alright, then climb up on Dragonite and let's go. Otherwise I'm taking you to a hospital. I'm no doctor, but I can see you're hurt. My abilities lie in pokemon, not humans. But something isn't right, and being stubborn won't fool any of us, and we won't think any less of you because you need help." he said, his tone good natured and friendly, though it had a very slight edge of exasperation. He then took the bottle from Mana and thought a bit.

"Killita, use Ice Beam and freeze this bottle." he said, tossing it up so his hand wasn't frozen. Killita lifted her head and fired the beam, freezing the bottle. It dropped down and Drake caught it. He wrapped it in the bandage and offered it to Valorie next.

"Here, put this where it hurts." he said with a soft smile.
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