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→ Route 30

"Split up?" Krissu didn't like the sound of that. Sure, she had decided to go on her own in MAO now, but she would not risk Ange getting a dangerous sting just because she didn't know how to fight the worms off properly. She glanced back at the girl who was just behind her. How could some worms run that fast? Maybe 'run' was the wrong word...

You should not look back when you run through a rough forest road. Krissu's feet suddenly didn't find ground anymore; she had run straight at a slope! Now she tumbled down a few meters and managed to think that she hoped Ange and Litwick had time to stop before they fell too - before she bumped into something that was neither a rock nor a tree. Rather a couple of legs.

"Ouch..." the pink haired girl groaned as she got up and put her hands on some bruises she had gotten. So MAO would even let your body trip and get bruised? Such a real world. Krissu looked up and was surprised to see that it was another trainer rather than a pokémon. A rather tall player with blonde hair and simple enough clothing. This would either mean that she had to battle him now, if it was an NPC. But there was always the chance that it was a player... Krissu had not her HUD turned on at the moment so she couldn't tell.

"I'm sorry!" she blurted out and stood up, hastily brushing some leaves and dirt from her white coat.
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