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Hello again voltianqueen! I haven't played it in about a week, what with holidays and all xc Ironic time for me to stop playing too, I'm at like Winter 30 in-game xD

Oh gosh! I was considering that just the other day. But, I have my GameCube hooked up to the same TV as my PS3 so that wouldn't be really economical... It'd be so freaking amazing if they gave the old games trophies *o* Plus, it'd be best for me to buy it if I upgrade to a WiiU, because I won't be able to play it anyway! And I have Save the Homeland for PS2 and my PS3 is one of the old ones with backward compatibility so that's covered.

I love the horses! In Save the Homeland that was my favorite animal because of how hard you had to work for it and progressively building speed until you could ride it, then run, then race. I love the dogs too, but it's boring when all you do is feed them and not really interact with them...

Lately though I've been more into crops than animals, the animals have gotten so complicated with the treats and productivity level and everything... :\

Welcome to the club, Hotshot! In my first FoMT file I actually DID make Cliff leave, unintentionally. I was only like 10 and I was trying to woo Karen and I knew she loved wine so I thought the vineyard event would really raise her affection... xD