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Even the avatar on your profile? Hey, that's an awesome sprite you got there! You look pretty talented! :)

Anyways, welcome aboard to this amazing community that is PC! I'm Megan and it is a pleasure to meet you. :) Since you are an artist, you will love our very own Art & Design section! You can post your own art gallery, open up a shop, or critique on some artwork some of our members have provided. Any art is welcome, so why not post? :D

It's alright if you are still getting used to the stuff here on PC. I know it's a giant forum, I know it has a large memberbase, but I know you will get used it it pretty soon, and with the help of our friendly members and friendly staff, you will go anywhere! Join the discussions we have here, and meet friends with same interests. :)

Anyways, again... nice to meet you! Have a great time here and read the rules! See ya around. :)
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