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Quote originally posted by Rayquaza:
Carmaniac is right, it is very hard to recruit spriters and scripters. I mean no offence by saying this but spriters and scripters will be more likely to sprite and script for your game if it has more of a "WOW FACTOR" to it, whereas this game, I'm guessing, has only just started because the screenshots make it evidently so.

I suggest that you upgrade your graphics (tiles), maps and sprite styles (from GBA sprites to NDS sprites) before searching for spriters and scripters because they will be more likely to ask to join your team instead of you asking them.

Please do not take offence from what I have said, take it as advice. I'm giving a fair amount of good advice, from past experience of course, because I myself am an intermediate-advanced level spriter, and have a near complete game running in the showcase.

Good luck with the game.
No, i don't take it as an offence. Thank you for the advice, i'll follow it.

Quote originally posted by carmaniac:
You'll have better luck learning how to script and sprite than actually finding someone who's able, and also willing to be one for you. It's an OK concept, but needs some serious work, as currently all I can see this as, is basically Leaf Green/ Fire Red slightly changed. I do wish you the best of luck.
Then ok, i'm gonna follow your advice too.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
By graphics if you mean better tiles, I'll give you a pretty good HGSS one with the credits.
Ok, i agree.

How about one date?"
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