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Nemo "Ace" Dannan - Icy Plains
The recuperation after Nemo's victory was brief, after she took the time to steady her own breath and return all her Pokemon to their Pokeballs; they would all need time to rest and lick their wounds, and gave each of them a berry as a reward for their aid in the battle. There were a few bruises across her skin that would take some time to form, but nothing that she hadn't suffered through before. The teen turned to face the approaching steps of Ty and Olivia, only to hear the boy's question and resist the urge to smirk. He really was soft for an older boy.

"You've never heard of Orre?" Nemo asked in response to the rough place question, because anybody who did would know that it was one of the roughest regions out there. Barely and wild Pokemon, while gang culture ran rampant and, pound-for-pound, had the highest mortality rate. Any elaboration was cut off when the girl she'd fed a berry to wrapped her arms around Nemo's toned torso with a declaration of hero worship she hadn't heard since disbanding The Pyrita Claw, with a Snorunt trapped between them. The thought behind the hug made Nemo smile, since nobody else on the island had fed her ego yet.

Hugs themselves weren't something Nemo was particularly used to, because recognition from Orre was more often in the form of a complicated handshake or thumps on the shoulder, but affection wasn't completely absent from her life, as she gave a one-armed hug in response to Olivia's. The words were definitely something she could get used to, however, as Olivia introduced herself and buried Nemo in praise befitting of somebody with her dedication. Then she brought up the question of destiny...

"Well," Nemo said with a smirk on her lips. "I prefer to call it skill, but I'm fine with being destined for greatness too. And you can call me Ace. " She added, looking back at the groomer who seemed a little more shaken than usual. He'd probably been in a battle too, she realized, while she was wrapped up in her own battlefield. Then back to Olivia, she couldn't help but notice the entirely impractical attire for wandering the icy plains. "That's an...interesting skirt."

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