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Icy Plains


Held Item(s):

Chapter One:

Part Six

There was... A noise. A slight noise. Every so faint, but... Was it really there? Ty seemed distracted for a moment, but he turned his attention back to his 'party'. "Hono, rest for a bit." He returned the Cyndaquil into the shiny Cherish Ball, shrinking and putting it away for the time being. "Not to interrupt this horribly cliched post-battle movie scene, but, I can hear something... I think it might be the reason for my being here I was talking about... Do you hear it...?"


Sure enough, in the silence, there was just the slightest sound emmiting from off in the sidelines, something buried in the snow... It sounded like... A cry?

Ty immediately knelt down near the sound, shoveling snow away behind him, ignoring the cold sting and purple fingers that came from it. "Oh no..." He dug further and pulled something - no, two things - from out under the snow. "Oh ****," the older teen swore, not currently worried about offending anyone at the moment; they'd likely see why in a moment. Lifting two things from the snow, one in each arm, his voice seemed to turn into a panicked, rushed tone. "Guys, I'll be back, this is really important." He swore again, this time under his breath, before turning and running straight for the direction of the academy. In one arm, a chilled and severely injured Eevee, unconscious, and in the other, an egg, questionable on life seeing as heat was lacking in this situation. With these things he quickly left, and the two could follow if they desired, but he didn't wait to see; in fact, his fast-paced running speed left them in the dust, unless they decided to run after.

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