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Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
For Magikarp and similar, how did you beat Ghosts? Or did you just hack on Bubble or something if they ever came up?
Yeah, for Magikarp I had to hack on Bubble. I only kept it on for the battles I needed it for, though, since there was literally no other method of defeating some Pokemon. I can't remember if I had to hack any moves for similar situations on anything else, it's been quite a while.

Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
Hi there, I don't actually know you, since I only started being really active in Challenges recently, but I have seen some of your work looking through old threads. You got some nice stuff!

I'm doing a Solo Challenge for Gallade myself right now, cause I noticed no one else had done that one on the list (though the list is a little out-dated) and it seemed like a fun choice.

SwabluNest sure is dead...
Thanks, and (I'm probably a little late on this but) welcome to the swablu nest Challenge forum. C:

Are you going ultimate for your solo challenge, or just doing one game?

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