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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
For Magikarp and similar, how did you beat Ghosts? Or did you just hack on Bubble or something if they ever came up?
Yeah, for Magikarp I had to hack on Bubble. I only kept it on for the battles I needed it for, though, since there was literally no other method of defeating some Pokemon. I can't remember if I had to hack any moves for similar situations on anything else, it's been quite a while.

Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
Hi there, I don't actually know you, since I only started being really active in Challenges recently, but I have seen some of your work looking through old threads. You got some nice stuff!

I'm doing a Solo Challenge for Gallade myself right now, cause I noticed no one else had done that one on the list (though the list is a little out-dated) and it seemed like a fun choice.

SwabluNest sure is dead...
Thanks, and (I'm probably a little late on this but) welcome to the swablu nest Challenge forum. C:

Are you going ultimate for your solo challenge, or just doing one game?

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